Paul Graham Morris

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A dual sensing fiber-optic hydrophone that can make simultaneous measurements of acoustic pressure and temperature at the same location has been developed for characterizing ultrasound fields and ultrasound-induced heating. The transduction mechanism is based on the detection of acoustically- and thermally-induced thickness changes in a polymer film(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain patients often describe their pain in ways that suggest vivid mental images, with some reporting images relating to their pain. Despite these clinical observations, there are few studies describing the nature and consequences of these images. This study examined whether mental imagery of pain is associated with levels of reported(More)
BACKGROUND Head injuries are a common occurrence, with continuing care in the years following injury being provided by primary care teams and a variety of speciality services. The literature on outcome currently reflects areas considered important by health-care professionals, though these may differ in some respects from the views of head injured(More)
Current views suggest that autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are characterised by enhanced low-level auditory discrimination abilities. Little is known, however, about whether enhanced abilities are universal in ASD and how they relate to symptomatology. We tested auditory discrimination for intensity, frequency and duration in 21 adults with ASD and 21 IQ(More)
OBJECTIVE Relatively little attention has been paid to emotional outcome after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). This study assessed levels of anxiety and depression among SAH survivors and related these to clinical indices. METHODS Seventy SAH patients from a consecutive series of neurosurgical admissions participated in semistructured assessments of(More)
UNLABELLED Support staff working with individuals with intellectual disability (ID) and challenging behaviour experience high levels of work-related stress. Preliminary theoretical and experimental research has highlighted the potential suitability of acceptance and mindfulness approaches for addressing support staff stress. This study examines the(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand factors influencing the process of adjustment to a diagnosis of glioma. METHODS Twenty-six patients and 23 relatives took part in 80 in-depth qualitative interviews conducted at five key stages: before formal diagnosis, at start of treatment, on completion of treatment, 6 months post treatment, and post bereavement. RESULTS High(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the association between APOE genotype and cognitive and emotional outcome following spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH). MATERIALS AND METHODS Neuropsychological assessments were conducted with 70 SAH survivors derived from a consecutive series of neurosurgical admissions. Outcomes, including cognitive tests, health(More)
PURPOSE To date, the literature on perception of affective, pragmatic, and grammatical prosody abilities in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has been sparse and contradictory. It is interesting to note that the primary perception of syllable stress within the word structure, which is crucial for all prosody functions, remains relatively unexplored in ASD.(More)
BACKGROUND 3D cell cultures are emerging as more physiologically meaningful alternatives to monolayer cultures for many biological applications. They are attractive because they more closely mimic in vivo morphology, especially when co-cultured with stromal fibroblasts. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We compared the efficacy of 3 different 3D cell culture(More)