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An investigation of the efficacy of astatine-211--tellurium colloid for the treatment of experimental malignant ascites in mice reveals that this alpha-emitting radiocolloid can be curative without causing undue toxicity to normal tissue. By comparison, negatron-emitting phosphorus-32 as colloidal chromic phosphate had no antineoplastic activity. The most(More)
INTRODUCTION The clinical feasibility of noninvasive imaging of interstitial alterations after myocardial infarction (MI) was assessed using a technetium-99m-labeled RGD imaging peptide (RIP). In experimental studies, RIP has been shown to target integrins associated with collagen-producing myofibroblasts (MFB). METHODS AND RESULTS Ten patients underwent(More)
In contrast to neurite outgrowth, pigment cell dendrite formation is relatively unstudied. Keratinocyte-conditioned medium (KCM) induces a striking dendricity in human melanocytes and B16 melanoma cells that is detectable within 30 min, maximal in 24-48 hr, and quantifiable by computerized image analysis. Cytochalasin B (CB), known to disrupt actin(More)
Infantile fibrosarcoma (IFS) is a rare pediatric cancer typically presenting in the first 2 years of life. Surgical resection is usually curative and chemotherapy is active against gross residual disease. However, when recurrences occur, therapeutic options are limited. We report a case of refractory IFS with constitutive activation of the(More)
This paper addresses the discursive construction of referential truth in Art Spiegelman's Maus and Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis. I argue that referential truth is obtained through the inclusion of both correlative truth and metafictional self-reflection within a nonfictional work. Rather than detracting from their obtainment of referential truth, the comic(More)
The method and logic of structured, focused comparison is simple and straightforward. The method is /I structured" in that the researcher writes general questions that reflect the research objective and that these questions are asked of each case under study to guide and standardize data collection, thereby making systematic comparison and cumulation of the(More)
We introduce a seamless messaging system for the management of personal messages. The aim of it is to intercept, filter, interpret, and deliver multi-modal messages (voice, fax, and/or e-mail messages). Messages are delivered to the recipient regardless of their target messaging device. Seamless messaging involves finding the person (if urgent) and(More)
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