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Although the placebo in a clinical trial is often considered simply a baseline against which to evaluate the efficacy of a clinical intervention, there is evidence that the magnitude of placebo effect may be a critical factor in determining the results of a trial. This article examines the question of whether devices have enhanced placebo effects and, if(More)
This paper studies decision rules for accepting reservations for stays in a hotel based on deterministic and stochastic mathematical programming techniques. Booking control strategies are constructed that include ideas for nesting, booking limits and bid prices. We allow for multiple day stays. Instead of optimizing a decision period consisting of a fixed(More)
An inguinal lymph node was excised from a 23-year-old woman. Histologic examination revealed necrotic foci with cytologic changes indicative of herpes simplex virus; immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy confirmed the presence of virus. Typical cutaneous lesions appeared on the vulva three days after surgery. Focally necrotizing lymphadenitis and(More)
UNLABELLED Glucocorticoid cytosol and whole cell receptors from human PMN's have been quantified, and compared to those of human MN leukocytes on the same blood sample. The normal cytosol PMN receptor density (N = 15) averaged 1,254 +/- 105 (SE) molecules bound/cell at 0900 h and increased significantly to 1,497 +/- 98 at 2,100 h (P less than 0.02). MN cell(More)
  • P M Goldman
  • 1985
Several different methods exist for surgical hair replacement of the vertex region of the scalp. Despite the more recent addition of alopecia reduction and flaps, small areas of crown baldness frequently, can best be handled cosmetically by well-planned and technically well-executed punch autografts. The methodology of hair transplantation of the vertex(More)
Sclerotherapy remains the best single treatment for telangiectasias and superficial venules of the lower extremities. It has been used successfully for decades. It is, however, a somewhat tedious and time-consuming procedure and requires great patience on the part of the physician. With careful attention to the details of the procedure and with necessary(More)