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Quantitative studies of faecal bacterial flora were carried out during the week preceding the clinical onset of 12 episodes of neonatal necrotising enterocolitis. There were considerable quantitative changes in the faecal flora preceding the clinical onset of both definite and possible episodes of necrotising enterocolitis. There was a decline in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the organisms cultured from general practitioners' auriscope earpieces; and to explore general practitioners' perceptions of the possibility of cross infection from contaminated auriscope earpieces and of how their auriscope earpieces are cleaned. DESIGN Microbiological survey of auriscope earpieces in two general practices and a(More)
The training of many health workers has been inadequate in producing workers who can function effectively in rural health services. This inadequacy is seen in two areas. While health workers are well drilled in technical procedures, operational strategies for applying these procedures in the conditions of rural health services are often lacking; and much of(More)
Fifteen (15.2%) of 99 Gram-negative bacteria isolated from patients during episodes of fever and neutropenia had minimum inhibitory concentrations ranging from less than 2 to 32 mg/l but were not fully sensitive to piperacillin by disc diffusion testing. These 15 isolates were further examined using a chemostat system, in which susceptible isolates were(More)