Paul Glick

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A program that produces single-layer planar routing over the cells for I<supscrpt>2</supscrpt>L and LST<supscrpt>2</supscrpt>L logic arrays is described. This router has been integrated into a layout system which was previously restricted to the layout of standard cell LSI chips. When used in conjunction with a channel router, the complete routing is(More)
Duct exploration and maintenance is a task well suited for small agile robots, which must be capable of navigating complex and irregular systems of ducts. Previously, we presented a tensegrity robot, DuCTT (Duct Climbing Tetrahedral Tensegrity), which demonstrated the plausibility of such a robot for duct exploration but was never able to successfully(More)
We developed a stretchable, flexible, and wearable antenna capable of being mounted onto nonplanar surfaces, such as the human skin, for use in wireless physiological monitoring. The implications of our manufacturing process is an antenna that can easily be applied to any surface, including epidermis, with full functionality after tuning of the antenna post(More)
We demonstrate a flexible, electrostatic adhesive gripper designed to controllably grasp and manipulate soft goods in space. The 8-fingered gripper has 50 cm<sup>2</sup> of active electrodes operating at 3 kV. It generates electrostatic adhesion forces up to 3.5 N (0.70 kPa) on Ge-coated polyimide film and 1.2 N on MLI blanket, a film composite used for(More)
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