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SUMMARY This paper deals with adaptive simulation of time-dependent problems. Mesh adaptation for unsteady conÿgurations is especially important as the phenomenon evolves in the whole computational domain and, in order to capture such a phenomenon accurately on adapted meshes, one has to predict the evolution path. Here, we propose a new adaptive algorithm(More)
Taking into account the drivers' state is a major challenge for designing new advanced driver assistance systems. In this paper we present a driver assistance system strongly coupled to the user. DAARIA<sup>1</sup> stands for Driver Assistance by Augmented Reality for Intelligent Automobile. It is an augmented reality interface powered by several sensors.(More)
RRsumm : On propose une moddlisation fonctionnelle du probllme du maillage optimal en P 1-continu pour reprrsenter dans L 2 une fonction du plan deux fois continment ddrivable ; cette moddlisation repose sur un moddle fonctionnel de maillage, la mmtrique continue. Abstract: pto Abstract: This paper describes a functional analysis modelisation of the problem(More)
The journey which took place at Digital Domain called I, Robot all began with a very simple realization: This is the largest character based feature the studio has ever realized. This realization surfaced many concerns about our job structure and our toolset for such a large-scale character film. These new concerns raised ideas, and from these ideas were(More)