Paul George

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SUMMARY This paper deals with adaptive simulation of time-dependent problems. Mesh adaptation for unsteady conÿgurations is especially important as the phenomenon evolves in the whole computational domain and, in order to capture such a phenomenon accurately on adapted meshes, one has to predict the evolution path. Here, we propose a new adaptive algorithm(More)
— Taking into account the drivers'state is a major challenge for designing new advanced driver assistance systems. In this paper we present a driver assistance system strongly coupled to the user. DAARIA 1 for Driver Assistance by Augmented Reality for Intelligent Automotive is an augmented reality interface informed by a several sensors. The detection has(More)
RRsumm : On propose une moddlisation fonctionnelle du probllme du maillage optimal en P 1-continu pour reprrsenter dans L 2 une fonction du plan deux fois continment ddrivable ; cette moddlisation repose sur un moddle fonctionnel de maillage, la mmtrique continue. Abstract: pto Abstract: This paper describes a functional analysis modelisation of the problem(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate medical students' attitudes about Clinical Informatics (CI) training and careers. MATERIALS AND METHODS We distributed a web-based survey to students at four US allopathic medical schools. RESULTS Five hundred and fifty-seven medical students responded. Interest in CI training opportunities (medical school electives,(More)
PROBLEM Programs that encourage scholarly activities beyond the core curriculum and traditional biomedical research are now commonplace among US medical schools. Few studies have generated outcome data for these programs. The goal of the present study was to address this gap. INTERVENTION The Scholarly Concentration (SC) Program, established in 2006 at(More)
IMPORTANCE As medical school curricula become progressively integrated, a need exists to optimize education related to the skin cancer examination (SCE) for melanoma, a relevant competency gap that influences secondary prevention efforts. OBJECTIVES To identify curricular factors associated with medical students' confidence, intent, and performance(More)
A finite element is valid if its jacobian is strictly positive everywhere. The jacobian is the determinant of the jacobian matrix related to the partials of the mapping function which maps the parameter space (reference element) to the current element. Apart when it is constant, the jacobian is a polynomial whose degree is related to the degree of the(More)