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BACKGROUND Previous studies have described apoptosis in the stratum granulosum and in the stratum corneum, but not in the germinative compartment in normal skin. In psoriasis, an increased epidermal apoptosis has been observed in the differentiated compartment, suggesting that apoptosis has a key role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis, as a counteracting(More)
Human keratinocytes grown at an air-liquid interface on dead de-epidermalized dermis exhibit a pattern of organization similar to that seen in vivo. Cell renewal is limited to the basal layer. The cell cycle time determined after 7 days of culture, using a percentage labelled mitoses (PLM) technique, was about 15 h. This result is comparable with published(More)
Cell population kinetics was studied by bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) histochemical and 3H thymidine radioautographic labelling in dog thyroids. In-vivo labelling with BrdU and in-vitro labelling of incubated slices with 3H thymidine gave similar results. This validates the use of in-vitro labelling of slices for the study of cell kinetics in the thyroid.(More)
We have used human mammary cells of the MCF-7 strain, which constitutively express high levels of the small heat shock protein HSP27 and we have compared the changes in the phosphorylation status of this protein together with changes in cell growth and/or morphology induced by the action of one of the following agents: (1) TPA(More)
Paraffin sections from animal or human tissues fixed in different fixatives were submitted to immunostaining with the mouse monoclonal antibody 19A2, developed by Ogata et al. (1987a) against cyclin/PCNA. Detection of the bound antibody was performed by the indirect method with biotinylated sheep antibody and streptavidin-biotin-peroxidase complexes. No, or(More)
Using an in vitro double labeling technique with two different levels of 3H-thymidine, the duration of the phase of DNA synthesis (S) and the labeling index (LI) were measured in the colorectal mucosa of three groups of patients: patients with colorectal neoplasms (adenomas and/or adenocarcinomas), patients with inflammatory bowel disease, and a control(More)
With autoradiography after labelling with tritiated thymidine, the kinetics of zymogen and parietal cells were studied in the gastric mucosa of mice. After one intraperitoneal injection of the DNA precursor, zymogen cells in the DNA synthesis phase were clearly identified on autoradiograms, whereas no parietal cells were seen to synthesize DNA. In another(More)
Apoptosis, a physiological cell death, has been shown to be involved in tissue homeostasis as well as in tissue regression due to hormone deprivation. The cell population slowly turns over, with cell loss compensating mitogenicity. In the absence of thyrotropin, the cell population decreases. The possible involvement of apoptosis in this loss has been(More)
Verrucous carcinoma (VC) of the skin is a rare variety of well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) characterized by aggressive local growth and a low metastatic potential. These tumours are known to have histological and virological features similar to classic warts or condylomata. The aim of the present study was to map the proliferative(More)