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BACKGROUND The purpose of this review was to assess the relationship between mean organoleptic scores (using a 0-to-5 scale) and concentrations of putative odorants representative of those thought to be important in oral malodor, as well as to propose a simple model that explains the dose-response curves obtained from a group of odor judges. METHODS The(More)
An acetone:water (7:3) extract obtained from the leaves of Rumex obtusifolius was fractionated into procyanidin oligomer and polymer fractions using a linear gradient and a simple step method on Sephadex LH-20. The chemical characteristics of the procyanidin fractions were studied by 13C-NMR spectroscopy, acid-catalysed degradation in the presence of benzyl(More)
This study compared the effects of social-skills training, remedial drama and group discussion on the conversation skills of chronic schizophrenic patients. After 16 one-hour treatment sessions only the social-skills training resulted in significant improvement, which was maintained at two-month follow-up. Although there was little evidence to support(More)
In commercially exploited, long-lived fish species, age structure plays an important role in determining population stability and resilience to human and environmental impacts (Hsieh et al., 2010). Consequences of the reduced abundance in older age classes include increased population variability caused by increases in recruitment variability (Brunel, 2010;(More)
[reaction: see text]. Feeding experiments using a deuterium labeled C16 maleic anhydride and whole cell culture of ATCC 74256 led to the isolation of phomoidride B with deuterium incorporation at C(7) and C(19) as determined by 2H NMR and electrospray mass spectrometry. This result is in accord with a decarboxylative homodimerization of the C16 maleic(More)
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