Paul G. Patterson

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Clinical data are reported from a psychiatric service to Native Canadian patients, mainly Cree Indians. Eighteen out of 41 had a clinical diagnosis of depression, three of mania and only one of schizophrenia. Thirty-seven percent used alcohol to excess but alcoholism was rarely the primary diagnosis. Reasons are given for the belief that schizophrenia has(More)
This paper presents a theoretical framework for describing childhood psychopathology in terms of coping styles and introduces a scale to measure psychosocial development in young children. It is hypothesized that coping styles characteristic of specific stages of development evolve in a predictable sequence with treatment. The term coping style rather than(More)
Orofacial swelling, particularly of the lips, tongue, buccal mucosa and gingiva is a feature of the localised granulomatous condition known as the Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome,1 but may also represent oral manifestations of chronic inflammatory conditions, including Crohn's disease2 or sarcoidosis.3 Oral manifestations of these systemic conditions may(More)
This empirical study of business-to-business professional services examines, for the first time, the relationship between four key post-purchase constructs: perceived performance, satisfaction, perceived value, and repurchase intentions, in a causal path framework. Furthermore, this is one of the few studies to attempt to disaggregate performance into its(More)