Paul G Montgomery

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To evaluate the effectiveness of recovery strategies on physical performance during a 3-day tournament style basketball competition, 29 male players (mean age 19.1 years, s= 2.1; height 1.84 m, s= 0.34; body mass 88.5 kg, s= 14.7) were assigned to one of three treatment groups: carbohydrate+stretching (7.7 g kg(-1) day(-1), s= 1.7; 'n = 9), cold water(More)
Repeated sprint testing is gaining popularity in team sports, but the methods of data analysis and relationships to speed and endurance qualities are not well described. We compared three different methods for analyzing repeated sprint test results, and we quantified relationships between repeated sprints, short sprints, and endurance test scores.(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the physical and physiological responses during different basketball practice drills and games. METHODS Male basketball players (n=11; 19.1+/-2.1 y, 1.91+/-0.09 m, 87.9+/-15.1 kg; mean+/-SD) completed offensive and defensive practice drills, half court 5on5 scrimmage play, and competitive games. Heart rate, VO2, and triaxial(More)
To validate VO2 and energy expenditure predictions by the Suunto heart rate (HR) system against a first principle gas analysis system, well-trained male (n = 10, age 29.8 +/- 4.3 years, VO2 65.9 +/- 9.7 ml x kg x min) and female (n = 7, 25.6 +/- 3.6 years, 57.0 +/- 4.2 ml x kg x min) runners completed a 2-stage incremental running test to establish(More)
Montgomery, PG, and Wisbey, B. The effect of interchange rotation period and number on Australian Football running performance. J Strength Cond Res 30(7): 1890-1897, 2016-To determine the effect of on-field rotation periods and total number of game rotations on Australian Football running performance, elite Australian Football players (n = 21, mean ± SD;(More)
Global positioning system (GPS) monitoring of movement patterns is widespread in elite football including the Australian Football League (AFL). However documented analysis of this activity is lacking. We quantified the movement patterns of AFL football and differences between nomadic (midfield), forward and defender playing positions, and determined whether(More)
Blood cultures frequently are obtained from patients with cancer who are suspected to have infection. A review of the literature revealed that consistent clinical guidelines or standards for obtaining blood cultures from patients with cancer do not exist. The published literature varies greatly with respect to site selection (peripheral or central),(More)
To determine gender differences, positional differences, and patterns of change in the performance of the basketball line-drill test, 93 male (mean age 16.8 years, s = 1.1) and 95 female (mean age 16.5 years, s = 1.0) basketball players undertook 516 line-drill tests over a 5-year period. Log-transformed performance times were analysed using a mixed model(More)
Australian Football is an intense team sport played over ~120 min on a weekly basis. To determine the effects of game and training load on muscle soreness and the time frame of soreness dissipation, 64 elite Australian Football players (age 23.8 ± 1.8 y, height 183.9 ± 3.8 cm, weight 83.2 ± 5.0 kg; mean ± SD) recorded perceptions of muscle soreness, game(More)
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