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PURPOSE To measure medical students' knowledge of central issues in the U.S. health care system and to understand their perception of the importance and quality of health policy curricula at their medical schools. METHOD A questionnaire was developed using facts from recent national and international health reports to test students' knowledge of health(More)
We present general results for the contact process by a method which applies to all transitive graphs of bounded degree, including graphs of exponential growth. The model’s infection rates are varied through a control parameter, for which two natural transition points are defined as: i. λT , the value up to which the infection dies out exponentially fast if(More)
Environmental health science is the study of the impact of the environment on human health. This paper introduces basic topics in environmental health, including clean air, clean water, and healthful food, as well as a range of current issues and controversies in environmental health. Conceptual shifts in modern toxicology have changed the field. There is a(More)
PURPOSE Nearly 46 million Americans did not have health insurance in 2004. Recent studies have documented physicians' support for various remedies, including universal health care. The authors undertook this study to assess medical students' views on these topics. METHOD In 2002, the authors surveyed a national random sample of first-year and fourth-year(More)
Abstract Using the framework of random walks in random scenery, Cohen and Samorodnitsky (2006) introduced a family of symmetric α-stable motions called local time fractional stable motions. When α = 2, these processes are precisely fractional Brownian motions with 1/2 < H < 1. Motivated by random walks in alternating scenery, we find a complementary family(More)
We describe an all-reflective system for narrowband imaging suitable for imaging emission lines in the far ultraviolet. The system, which we call a monochromatic imager, combines a pupil plane grating monochromator with a telescope and camera to image a scene in one or more very narrow bands. The monochromator uses physical stops at its input and output(More)
One of the fundamental issues concerning particle systems is classifying the invariant measures I and giving properties of those measures for different processes. For the exclusion process with symmetric kernel p(x, y) = p(y, x), I has been completely studied. This paper gives results concerning I for exclusion processes where p(x, y) = p(y, x) except for(More)