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Persistent dyskinesias in the absence of or with only minimal amounts of dopaminergic medication have been reported after dopamine cell implantation for Parkinson's disease. In this study, we used [(18)F]fluorodopa (FDOPA) and positron emission tomography to determine whether this complication resulted from specific alterations in dopamine function after(More)
Two different types of stimulus objects, a live female quail artificially adorned with bright orange feathers and an inanimate toy dog, served as conditioned stimuli. For subjects in experimental groups, the conditioned stimuli were presented shortly before access to a sexually receptive normal female quail. For subjects in control groups, exposure to the(More)
Three experiments were conducted to identify species-specific sign stimuli sufficient to elicit copulatory behavior in male Japanese quail and to determine how learning is involved in the control of behavior by these sign stimuli. In Experiment 1, sexually experienced subjects were tested for copulatory behavior with a live female quail and with a model(More)
We evaluated the effects of sensory information about cesarean delivery on prenatal maternal anxiety and on recovery subsequent to delivery by cesarean section. The 42 participants were recruited from a population of obstetric patients. Patients were assigned to either treatment or control groups and identified as sensitizers or repressors. Treatment groups(More)
Evidence that a significant number of children are exposed to risk factors associated with coronary heart disease has prompted health care professionals to develop programs designed to encourage the early development of a healthy life style. The present study used a multiple baseline approach to examine the effects of two procedures on the snack selection(More)
BACKGROUND Underrepresentation of racial minorities in research contributes to health inequities. Important factors contributing to low levels of research participation include limited access to health care and research opportunities, lack of perceived relevance, power differences, participant burden, and absence of trust. We describe an enhanced model of(More)
For between one third and one half of all cancer survivors, disturbances in mood and cognition do not end with the conclusion of treatment. Recognizing this problem, the Institute of Medicine emphasized in its 2008 report, the importance of addressing psychosocial issues, such as distress, to providing quality cancer care. The National Cancer Institute(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer is a common disease, and incidence and death rates are higher in medically underserved populations. The colorectal cancer death rate in Arkansas exceeds the national rate. The objective of this study was to examine population characteristics relevant to the design and implementation of a state-sponsored colorectal cancer(More)
BACKGROUND The death rate from colorectal cancer is high and affects poor and medically underserved populations disproportionately. In the United States, health disparities are particularly acute in the Lower Mississippi River Delta region. Because many in the region have limited access to basic health care resources, they are not screened for cancer, even(More)
A within-series phase change design (ABABC) was used to evaluate the effect of video distraction and relaxation in the treatment of a 29-year-old male with anticipatory vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy. Heart rate, blood pressure, nausea ratings, and the occurrence of emesis were recorded during 18 chemotherapy treatments over a 9 month period.(More)