Paul G Demeny

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HUMANS HAVE BEEN CUTTING ETHIOPIAN FORESTS FOR FUEL AND AGRICULTURE FOR CENTURIES (1). Only about 35,000 fragments remain in the northern highlands, ranging in size from 3 to 300 hectares. These fragments escaped deforestation because of their religious and spiritual importance; they are protected by, and are an integral part of, the Ethiopian Orthodox(More)
A new method has been worked out for the treatment of experimental pancreas injuries and resections. The surfaces were coated with SurgicelR and the coating was fixed with the adhesive Histoacryl-N-Blau. Use of these two completely absorbable substances prevented the complications caused by sutures. The results confirmed by histological and laboratory tests(More)
in countries that comprise the majority of the world’s population, the demographic transition has now reached its putative endpoint: a state marked by low fertility and low mortality. it is expected that the rest of the world’s countries are headed in the same direction, prompted by modernizing social change and nudged by looming physical constraints. what(More)
This paper summarizes the results of an investigation of the validity of Negro-white mortality differentials as reflected in the series of official United States life tables since the turn of the century. Pertinent excerpts from these often-quoted tables are reproduced in Appendix Table A-1 for convenient reference. The paper divides into two main(More)