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Vulcan Inc.'s Project Halo is a multi-staged effort to create a Digital Aristotle, an application that will encompass much of the world's scientific knowledge and be capable of applying sophisticated problem-solving to answer novel questions. Vulcan envisions two primary roles for the Digital Aristotle: as a tutor to instruct students in the sciences, and(More)
The Halo Pilot, a six-month effort to evaluate the state-of-the-art in applied Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) systems, collaboratively developed a taxonomy of failures with the goal of creating a common framework of metrics against which we could measure inter-and intra-system failure characteristics of each of the three Halo knowledge(More)
At the University of Washington, a capstone design project to help artists market their craft, taught students valuable, cross-cultural collaboration skills while providing evidence of the local and global positive impacts of computing. In this project, which took place in the context of a year-long course focusing on technology for low-income regions, a(More)
Research Interests My research is in the general area of networked systems and bridges all layers of the networking stack, from hardware concerns to application and user demands. Within computer networking, I have published in a variety of fields including data center networks, fault-tolerant distributed systems, energy-efficient wireless communication, and(More)
Research Interests Improving Security and Privacy in the Internet I am interested in using the network layer to improve the privacy and censorship-resilience of the Internet. I, along with my coauthors, have worked on a redesign of the Internet-which would provide anonymity, censorship-resilience and DoS resilience, among other properties. We have also been(More)