Paul G. A. Jespers

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Kohonen maps are self-organizing neural networks that classify and quantify n-dimensional data into a one- or two-dimensional array of neurons. Most applications of Kohonen maps use simulations on conventional computers, eventually coupled to hardware accelerators or dedicated neural computers. The small number of different operations involved in the(More)
This survey of the pros and cons of analog devices presents a 14-neuron test chip and an algorithm for fully interconnected networks. S ince the pioneering work of McCulloch and Pitts in 1943,' many researchers have tried to realize artificial devices that emulate the human brain. The challenge is to obtain a computational power unknown to conventional von(More)
A straightforward technique for automatic adaptation of channels equalizers after digital data transmission is presented. Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) at the received signal is identified by scanning the input stream over time at the data clock frequency. The resulting 2D-figure is compared against an ideal opened Eye Pattern encoded into a two-input(More)