Paul Frenger

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This two-part paper describes the author's recent experiences with robot control systems. First, three principal programming techniques are reviewed, including dedicated robotics languages; machine tool languages; and general purpose computer programming languages. Then, unconventional languages for robot control, such as PostScript and Java, are discussed.(More)
Human progress advances in many ways. One method obvious to all is to take something, a bicycle for instance, and make a multitude of small changes to the design over time. Each iteration of the refinement process gives us something newer and nicer to appreciate. That's how you start out with a $50 Schwinn bike and end up with a $10,000 Lotus racing(More)
An unusual event occurred on February 12, 2001: a man-made satellite safely landed on the surface of a twenty-one mile long hunk of space rock two hundred million miles from Earth. It then sent pictures back home to the deleriously happy engineers who had shot it into space five years earlier [1 ]. Forty-eight hours shy of Valentine's Day, the NEAR(More)
a Flashlite Occasionally, something you do works out so incredibly well that you wonder why you didn't think to try it sooner. That serendipitous "aha!" experience happened to me recently and I'd like to share it with others. This story also reveals some of the remarkable power of the Forth programming language. Readers of this column will recall that I use(More)