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Necrotizing hepatopancreatitis (NHP) is a severe disease of farm-raised Penaeus vannamei that has been associated with mortality losses ranging from 20 to 95%. NHP was first recognized in Texas in 1985 (S. K. Johnson, p. 16, in Handbook of Shrimp Diseases, 1989) and is an economically important disease that has limited the ability to culture shrimp in(More)
Acknowledgements W ashington Sea Grant expresses its appreciation to the many individuals who provided information and support for this report. In particular, we gratefully acknowledge research program funding provided by the Washington State We also would like to thank shellfish growers who cooperated with program investigators to make this research(More)
Death and illness in a pen of eight yearling dairy heifers was caused by the protozoan parasite Sarcocystis. All animals had weight loss, weakness, marginal anemia, and elevated serum enzymes. Affected animals had high hemagglutinating antibody titers to Sarcocystis antigen. Affected tissues of the two animals that died demonstrated schizonits and young(More)
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