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Progeria or 'prematurely old' is an autosomal recessive trait that appears insidiously at or after the age of 6 months. Two affected siblings are reported showing radiologically progressive attenuation of the clavicles and terminal phalanges, widening of cranial sutures and mandibular hypoplasia. Scleroderma was also present. Out of 59 previously published(More)
A preterm baby boy with blood and bone changes of copper deficiency is described. Copper deficiency was suspected after fracture of the left femur during examination of the hip joint. A low serum copper concentration (2.7 mumol/l; 17.2 micrograms/100 ml) and caeruloplasmin (0.04 g/l; 0.004 g/100 ml) confirmed the diagnosis. Despite the introduction of(More)
Carbon nanofibers (CNFs), cylindrical nanostructures containing graphene, were synthesized directly from South African fly ash (a waste product formed during the combustion of coal). The CNFs (as well as other carbonaceous materials like carbon nanotubes (CNTs)) were produced by the catalytic chemical vapour deposition method (CCVD) in the presence of(More)