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Multispectral observations of Phobos by the VSK (Videospectrometric) TV cameras and KRFM (Combined Radiometer and Photometer for Mars) UV-visible spectrometer on Phobos 2 have provided new determinations of the satellite's spectral reflectance properties, at greater spatial and spectral resolutions and over a greater geographic range than have previously(More)
Arecibo high-resolution radar images of the southern hemisphere of Venus extending to 78 degrees S show that the surface of the Themis-Alpha-Lada region is characterized by linear deformation zones with volcanoes and corona-like features and by regional volcanic deposits (primarily plains, small shields, and large edifices). Large-scale areal deformation is(More)
Arecibo high-resolution (1.5 to 2 km) radar data of Venus for the area extending from Beta Regio to western Eisila Regio provide strong evidence that the mountains in Beta and Eisila Regiones and plains in and adjacent to Guinevere Planitia are of volcanic origin. Recognized styles of volcanism include large volcanic edifices on the Beta and Eisila rises(More)
In a range of taxa, the relatedness between mates influences both pre- and post-mating processes of sexual selection. However, relatively little is known about the genetic loci facilitating such a bias, with the exception of the major histocompatibility complex. Here, we performed tightly controlled replicated in vitro fertilization trials to explore the(More)
s of posters DELIVERY OF PEPTIDES USING THE PRODRUG APPROACH. If. GLYCOLAMIDE ESTERS AS A NOVEL PRODRUG TYPE FOR THE CARBOXYLIC ACID GROUP M.N. Nielsen and H. Bundgaard Esterification of the carboxyl group is a commonly used prodrug approach to increase the llpophlliclty of a carboxyllc acid agent like a peptlde in an effort to improve its bloavallabillty.(More)
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