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PURPOSE To evaluate external power output and physiological responses of synchronous (SYNC) and asynchronous hand cycling (ASYNC) at submaximal and peak levels of exercise. METHODS n=9 able-bodied male subjects (age: 20.1+/-2.1 years) performed two (sub)maximal continuous hand cycle exercise tests, using the SYNC and ASYNC mode in a standardized(More)
The LRAFB C-130 engine repair facility is one of the top T-56 engine refurbishing plants in the United States Air Force. Currently, the shop is prevented from testing potential contingencies within their environment due to the rapid nature of their engine repair process. A simulation approach is needed to test various scenarios and determine the maximum(More)
A team of researchers is pursuing an innovative approach to model development in a dynamic command and control (C2) organization. This team is developing an organizational modeling and simulation capability that differs from typical process modeling. Normal process modeling and simulation tools capture work processes but neglect the people and the(More)
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