Paul F Widboom

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Enzyme-catalysed oxidations are some of the most common transformations in primary and secondary metabolism. The vancomycin biosynthetic enzyme DpgC belongs to a small class of oxygenation enzymes that are not dependent on an accessory cofactor or metal ion. The detailed mechanism of cofactor-independent oxygenases has not been established. Here we report(More)
The enzyme DpgC belongs to a small class of oxygenases not dependent on accessory cofactors for activity. DpgC is in the biosynthetic pathway for the nonproteinogenic amino acid 3,5-dihydroxyphenylglycine in actinomycetes bacteria responsible for the production of the vancomycin/teicoplanin family of antibiotic natural products. The X-ray structure of DpgC(More)
Bacteria belonging to the order Actinomycetales have proven to be an important source of biologically active and often therapeutically useful natural products. The characterization of orphan biosynthetic gene clusters is an emerging and valuable approach to the discovery of novel small molecules. Analysis of the recently sequenced genome of the thermophilic(More)
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