Paul F. Skilton

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Building on the findings of recent ethnographic studies of scientific practice, I develop and test theory about the impact of taken-for-granted-ness on citation practice in scientific communities. Using data gathered from special issues of scientific journals I find support for the hypothesized differences in the practices of natural and social science(More)
This study examines the relationship between citation frequency and the human capital of teams of authors. Analysis of a random sample of articles published in top natural science journals shows that articles co-authored by teams including frequently cited scholars and teams whose members have diverse disciplinary backgrounds have greater citation(More)
Realistic Real Life FIGURE 1: Interaction of Project Type and Experience Reciprocal Interdependence © 2008 SAGE Publications. All rights reserved. Not for commercial use or unauthorized distribution. at PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV on April 16, 2008 Downloaded from
I develop theory about two kinds of individual level integration expertise, portable and local. I discuss the implications of the difference between these kinds of expertise for the management of knowledge in complex integrative processes, and for the development of organizational flexibility. I define portable integration expertise as re-deployable from(More)
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