Paul F. Sciortino

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We wrapped 150 nm period aluminum wire grid polarizer (WGP) with AlSiOx by using atomic layer deposition at 250 degrees C. The nanometer precision coating defined the spacer to double the spatial frequency of the 100 mm diameter grating fabricated by using a legacy immersion holography setup at 351 nm wavelength. Half-pitch grating of approximately 38 nm(More)
We successfully fabricated a high-performance half-wave plate for the 405 nm wavelength based on monolithic integration of two nanograting layers. Each of the nanograting layers functions as a quarter-wave plate. Both of the nanograting layers were fully filled and planarized to achieve the monolithic integration. UV-nanoimprint lithography, along with(More)
The surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) activity and the optical reflectance of a subwavelength gold nanograting fabricated entirely using top down technologies on silicon wafers are presented. The grating consists of 120 nm gold cladding on top of parallel silica nanowires constituting the grating's lines, with gaps between nanowires <10 nm wide at(More)
We report achromatic form-birefringence wave plates for optical pickup units. Material dispersion and structure dispersion are balanced in a rigorous multilayer design. A trilayer grating using SiN(x)/SiO(y)N(z)/SiO2 provides easily accessible process control points and relaxed fabrication tolerance. We demonstrate precise patterning by using nanoimprint(More)
High-performance true zero-order optical retarders were realized based on all-dielectric immersion nanogratings. All-dielectric nanolaminate materials, deposited by atomic layer deposition, were utilized to fill the trenches of the nanogratings to form immersion nanogratings. The refractive index of the nanolaminate material can be dialed and controlled(More)
We describe a mode-locked hybrid pulse source with a two-section laser diode to obtain short mode-locked pulses (23 ps) with an average power of 7.8 mW, a high peak power of 137 mW, and a repetition rate of 2.51 GHz. The hybrid laser incorporates a two-section laser and an optical fiber cavity with an integrated Bragg reflector. The Bragg reflector controls(More)
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