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• understanding how a ( x 4) supports the shift in contemporary business from the marketing of individual products and services to the marketing of unique user experiences. • understanding the relationship of a (x 4) to methods found in the social sciences, business and design. • understanding more fully how a (x 4) can be applied in the scenario-building(More)
In the United States, police officers often decide to give drivers they stop for traffic violations a warning, which imposes no fine, instead of a ticket. Officers are also legally permitted to stop drivers for the purpose of detecting other crimes. This paper addresses two questions about the role of discretion and ulterior motives in traffic stops. First,(More)
This paper examines the impact that demographics have on policy outcomes. In two U.S. cities the impact that aldermanic ward level demographics have on the number of liquor licenses in a ward are measured. In one city the there is a great deal of direct involvement by residents in the issuance process. In the other city level of community involvement is(More)
We examine the choice of quotas by legal volume-restricting organizations: domestic and international cartels, commodity organizations, U. S. Federal agricultural marketing boards, and prorationing boards. Unlike their illegal counterparts, legal cartels have published regulations and broader enforcement capabilities. Differences in costs and size among(More)
PURPOSE Percutaneous placement of transcatheter prosthetic aortic valves without cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) continues to gain clinical acceptance. However, information on pressure-loading characteristics of the aortic root/annular areas is limited. For this reason, we designed a preclinical model, implanting an aortic root load transducer with a power(More)
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