Paul F. Marty

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team diversity and the impact of scientific publications: Evidence from physics research at a national science lab. ABSTRACT In the second half of the twentieth century, scientific research in physics, chemistry, and engineering began to focus on the use of large government funded laboratories. This shift toward so‐called big science also brought about a(More)
The production of scientific knowledge has evolved from a process of inquiry largely based on the activities of individual scientists to one grounded in the collaborative efforts of specialized research teams. This shift brings to light a new question: how the composition of scientific teams impacts their production of knowledge. This study employs data(More)
This article presents results from twenty-one semi-structured interviews with museum information professionals who were asked about their experiences working with information resources, tools, and technologies. These interviews were analyzed to develop profiles of four types of information professionals working in museums. The article presents these(More)
AND PRACTITIONER. Usability professionals encounter complex, multifaceted challenges when working to improve systems design: They must justify the importance of usability analysis, argue for an iterative design process, and employ acceptable and cost-effective evaluation methods. Frequently, they assume the roles of evangelists, analysts, educators,(More)