Paul F. Kunz

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We describe a code management and distribution system based on tools freely available for the UNIX systems. At the master site, version control is managed with CVS, which is a layer on top of RCS, and distribution is done via NFS mounted file systems. At remote sites, small modifications to CVS provide for interactive transactions with the CVS system at the(More)
As part of the research and development program in preparation for a possible B Factory at SLAC, a group has been studying various aspects of HEP computing. In particular, the group is investigating the use of UNIX for all computing, from data acquisition, through analysis, and word processing. A summary of some of the results of this study will be given,(More)
pology hypotheses. The output of this stage is in the form of histograms and n-tuples. Finally the display and fit stage displays statistical data accumulated in the preceding stages in the form of histograms, scatter plots, etc. Fitting the data to known functions is also done in this stage. The remainder of this paper will consider what analysis tools are(More)
Modern Large Scale Integration (LSI) microcircuits are meant to be programmed in order to control the function that they perform. In referencell], I have already discussed the basics of microprogramming and have studied in some detail two types of new microcircuits. In this course, I will explore the methods of developing software for these microcircuits.(More)
HippoDraw is a NeXTstep application for viewing statistical data. It has several unique features which make viewing data distributions highly interactive. It also incorporates simple drawing tools. HippoDraw is written in Objective-C and uses the Hippoplotamus library package which handles the n-tuples and displays. Hippoplotamus is written in ANSI C. *
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