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Queueing Network Models - QNM's with population size constraints and delayed blocked customers occur due to MultiProgramming Level - MPL constraints in computer systems and window flow-control mechanisms in Computer Communication Networks - CCN's. The computational cost of existing algorithms is unacceptable for large numbers of chains and high population(More)
This paper deals with the analysis of large-scale closed queueing network (QN) models which are used for the performance analysis of computer communication networks (CCN's). The computer systems are interconnected by a wide-area network. Users accessing local/remote computers are affected by the contention (queueing delays) at the computer systems and the(More)
A method for analyzing the performance of computer communication networks using queueing network models (QNM's) is presented in this paper. The user/computer sites are interconnected by a wide-area network with an end-to-end window flow-control mechanism. The QNM for the system including the communication subnet and the host computers is intractable because(More)
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