Paul F. Anderson

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This report identifies the large-scale fabric configuration requirements of the emerging Grid world. We present a number of real-world case studies to illustrate how several different organizations currently manage large-scale system fabrics. We then examine some projected use cases that aim to predict the way in which large-scale system configuration will(More)
Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) has been demonstrated to improve the medication ordering process, but most published studies have been performed at academic hospitals. Little is known about the effects of CPOE at community hospitals. With a pre-post study design, we assessed the effects of a CPOE system on the medication ordering process at both a(More)
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  • 2002
CONTENT AUTHORITY: 1. Is the publisher or organization name and contact information available on each web page? 2. Is there an individual author for any of the information presented? 3. If an author, information about the author includes (pick one): a. Author's name? b. Name with author's credentials? c. Name with author's credentials and/or contact(More)
This paper discusses the product-oriented approach to software supply-chain risk management: a determination of the trustworthiness of software applications, or the relative trustworthiness among a set of software applications, based on automated analysis and inspection of their actual binary machine codes. The system, named CodeSonar™ for binaries,(More)