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We present general results for the contact process by a method which applies to all transitive graphs of bounded degree, including graphs of exponential growth. The model's infection rates are varied through a control parameter, for which two natural transition points are defined as: i. λT , the value up to which the infection dies out exponentially fast if(More)
The invariant measures I for the exclusion process have long been studied and a complete description is known in many cases. This paper gives characterizations of I for exclusion processes on Z with certain reversible transition kernels. Some examples for which I is given include all finite range kernels that are asymptotically equal to p(x, x + 1) = p(x, x(More)
The symmetric exclusion process and the voter model are two interacting particle systems for which a dual finite particle system allows one to characterize its invariant measures. Adding spontaneous births and deaths to the two processes still allows one to use the dual process to obtain information concerning the original process. This paper introduces the(More)
One of the fundamental issues concerning particle systems is classifying the invariant measures I and giving properties of those measures for different processes. For the exclusion process with symmetric kernel p(x, y) = p(y, x), I has been completely studied. This paper gives results concerning I for exclusion processes where p(x, y) = p(y, x) except for(More)
Using the framework of random walks in random scenery, Cohen and Samorodnitsky (2006) introduced a family of symmetric α-stable motions called local time fractional stable motions. When α = 2, these processes are precisely fractional Brownian motions with 1/2 < H < 1. Motivated by random walks in alternating scenery, we find a complementary family of(More)
Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) provides a set of quantifiable objectives for improving the health and well-being of Americans. This study examines Peace Corps Volunteers' health metrics in comparison with the Leading Health Indicators (LHIs) in order to set baseline measures for Volunteers' health care and align our measurements with Healthy People 2020(More)
With the enactment of the Nagoya Protocol, international competitions to secure biological resources are intensifying. Biobanking is one of the many attempts to preserve biological resources and their information for the use in future research and development. Asian countries, especially China, Japan, and Korea are very active in biobanking activities under(More)