Paul English

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BACKGROUND Climate models project that heat waves will increase in frequency and severity. Despite many studies of mortality from heat waves, few studies have examined morbidity. OBJECTIVES In this study we investigated whether any age or race/ethnicity groups experienced increased hospitalizations and emergency department (ED) visits overall or for(More)
Using geographic information systems (GIS) and routinely collected data, we explored whether childhood residence near busy roads was associated with asthma in a low-income population in San Diego County, California. We examined the locations of residences of 5,996 children [less than/equal to] 14 years of age who were diagnosed with asthma in 1993 and(More)
BACKGROUND Ambient levels of pesticides ("pesticide drift") are detectable at residences near agricultural field sites. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to evaluate the hypothesis that maternal residence near agricultural pesticide applications during key periods of gestation could be associated with the development of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children.(More)
Twenty-one quarters of seven cows were experimentally infected with Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 29740) to study the shedding pattern in quarter milk samples. Of 991 consecutive quarter milk samples collected from infected quarters during the trial, 745 were positive for S. aureus by bacteriological culture. The sensitivity of a single quarter milk sample to(More)
We modeled the intraurban distribution of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a marker for traffic pollution, with land use regression, a promising new exposure classification technique. We deployed diffusion tubes to measure NO2 levels at 39 locations in the fall of 2003 in San Diego County, CA, USA. At each sample location, we constructed circular buffers in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop public health adaptation strategies and to project the impacts of climate change on human health, indicators of vulnerability and preparedness along with accurate surveillance data on climate-sensitive health outcomes are needed. We researched and developed environmental health indicators for inputs into human health vulnerability(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper provides misclassification rates for current cigarette smokers who report themselves as nonsmokers. Such rates are important in determining smoker misclassification bias in the estimation of relative risks in passive smoking studies. METHODS True smoking status, either occasional or regular, was determined for individual current(More)
Effects of acculturation have been thought to contribute adversely to poor reproductive health in Mexican immigrants, and a traditional Mexican orientation has been hypothesized to be protective against poor birth outcomes. A population-based cross-sectional study of 4404 births of Mexico-born and U.S.-born Mexican-American women was conducted in California(More)
Preculture incubation, preculture freezing, and increased plate inoculation volumes were tested in an attempt to increase the recovery rate of pathogens in milk from cases of clinical bovine mastitis. Culture of milk from 291 cases of clinical bovine mastitis was performed using standard milk culture techniques (.01 ml of fresh milk streaked on trypticase(More)
We examined whether early gestational exposures to pesticides were associated with an increased risk of anencephaly, spina bifida, cleft lip with or without cleft palate (CLP), or cleft palate only. We used population-based data along with detailed information from maternal interviews. Exposure estimates were based on residential proximity to agricultural(More)