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BACKGROUND Patients with myeloma who relapse after high-dose chemotherapy have few therapeutic options. Since increased bone marrow vascularity imparts a poor prognosis in myeloma, we evaluated the efficacy of thalidomide, which has antiangiogenic properties, in patients with refractory disease. METHODS Eighty-four previously treated patients with(More)
This report of a phase 2 trial of thalidomide (THAL) (200 mg/d; 200 mg increment every 2 weeks to 800 mg) for 169 patients with advanced myeloma (MM) (abnormal cytogenetics (CG), 67%; prior autotransplant, 76%) extends earlier results in 84 patients. A 25% myeloma protein reduction was obtained in 37% of patients (50% reduction in 30% of patients;(More)
A group of 256 newly diagnosed myeloma patients were enrolled in a phase III study that included 4 monthly cycles of induction chemotherapy and tandem transplant. All patients were randomized to either receive or not receive thalidomide. A total of 221 patients (86%) received no prophylactic anticoagulation (cohort I); 35 patients received low dose coumadin(More)
Clinical GeneOrganizer (CGO) is a novel windows-based archiving, organization and data mining software for the integration of gene expression profiling in clinical medicine. The program implements various user-friendly tools and extracts data for further statistical analysis. This software was written for Affymetrix GeneChip *.txt files, but can also be(More)
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