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The View of the Crusades from Rome and Damascus: The Geo-Strategic and Historical Perspectives of Pope Urban II and Alī ibn āhir al-Sulamī
For an integral understanding of the Crusades, this study evaluates the Crusades both “from within” and “from without,” by examining the views of two contemporaries of the Crusades: Pope Urban II,Expand
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Crusade Creationism versus Pope Urban II's Conceptualization of the Crusades
I Today, much of Crusade scholarship remains committed to the creationist fallacy of the Crusades. Crusade creationism is a form of creationism that asserts that the Crusades testify to a creator’sExpand
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The Islamic Interpretation of the Crusade: A New (Old) Paradigm for Understanding the Crusades
Abstract A Novemcentennial Last year marked the 900th anniversary of the debut of the Islamic interpretation of the Crusade. 900 years ago, not long after the Crusader conquest of Jerusalem in 1099,Expand
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The Islamic View and the Christian View of the Crusades: A New Synthesis
Conventional wisdom maintains that the Islamic world and western Christendom held two very different views of the crusades. The image of warfare between Islam and Christendom has promoted the ideaExpand
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