Paul E. Zucknick

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In the process network (PN) model, multiple concurrent processes communicate over unidirectional FIFO queues. PN is useful for modeling signal processing systems of streaming data, and naturally captures parallelism in these systems. PN provides formal execution properties to alleviate the difficulties of threaded and distributed programming, and naturally(More)
Disclaimer: " The contents of this document are scribe notes for The University of Texas at Austin EE382V Spring 2007, Computer Architecture: User System Interplay *. The notes capture the class discussion and may contain erroneous and unverified information and comments. This paper comes from industry. Transmetta's Crusoe microprocessor is a VLIW(More)
The high performance of current general-purpose processors makes it feasible to perform digital signal processing on the main CPU of a workstation. As the performance gap between CPU speed and memory speed continues to increase, it becomes obvious that DSP applications on workstations must address memory performance. We present a technique for using the(More)
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