Paul E. Saylor

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We study necessary and sufficient conditions that a nonsingular matrix A can be B-orthogonally reduced to upper Hessenberg form with small bandwidth. By this we mean the existence of a decomposition AV = V H, where H is upper Hessenberg with few nonzero bands, and the columns of V are orthogonal in an inner product generated by a hermitian positive definite(More)
The simulation of core collapse supernovae calls for the time accurate solution of the (Euler) equations for inviscid hydrodynamics coupled with the equations for neutrino transport. The time evolution is carried out by evolving the Euler equations explicitly and the neutrino transport equations implicitly. Neutrino transport is modeled by the multi-group(More)
We discuss the high performance computing issues involved in the numerical simulation of binary neutron star mergers and supernovae. These phenomena, which are of great interest to astronomers and physicists, can only be described by modeling the gravitational field of the objects along with the flow of matter and radiation in a self consistent manner. In(More)
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