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We study the large time behavior of positive solutions of the semilinear parabolic equation ut Uxx + e(g(u))x + f(u), 0 < x < L, e E R, subject to u(O,t) u(i,t) 0. The model problem in which the results apply is g(u) u and f(u) u p 1 < m < p. The steady state problem is analyzed in some detail, and results about finite time blow up are proved.
In the Appalachians, late Paleozoic Alleghanian orogenesis is widely regarded as resulting from dextral oblique collision between irregular margins of Gondwana and Laurentia. However, this relative plate motion cannot account for coeval convergence in the Ouachitas and Variscides and is incompatible with some tectonic transport indicators in the(More)
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