Paul E. Garber

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Identifying ecological factors underlying primate group size has been a central theme in primate behavioral ecology. The ecological constraints model proposes that increased group size leads to enhanced within-group feeding competition, necessitating increased travel to encounter additional or more productive feeding sites. Over the course of three years,(More)
It was probably Bayle,’ who first, in 1810, reported coexistent pulmonary tuberculosis and malignancy under the description of caseous phthisis; it is doubtful, however, whether this can be considered an authentic case. The first authenticated case of both conditions existing in the same patient at the same time was reported by Penard2 in 1846. Cooper,3 in(More)
A case of anophthalmic syndrome complicated by a depressed malunited fracture of the zygomatico-maxillary complex is presented. The components of the syndrome and the approaches to treatment are also discussed. A Teflon sled, Proplast malar implant and ptosis correction acheived the desired results.