Paul E. Fischer

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[1] We conducted measurements of methane (CH4) emission and ecosystem respiration on >200 points across the Arctic coastal tundra near Barrow, Alaska, United States, in July 2007 and August 2008. This site contains broad diversity in tundra microtopography, including polygonal tundra, thaw lakes, and drained lake basins. In 2007, we surveyed CH4 emissions(More)
This paper provides evidence that uncontested director elections provide informative polls of investor perceptions regarding board performance. We find that higher (lower) vote approval is associated with lower (higher) stock price reactions to subsequent announcements of management turnovers. In addition, firms with low vote approval are more likely to(More)
We analyze the effect of external financing concerns on managers' financial reporting behavior prior to management buyouts (MBOs). Prior studies hypothesize that managers intending to undertake an MBO have an incentive to manage earnings downward to reduce the purchase price. We hypothesize that managers also face a conflicting reporting incentive(More)
We examine how the patterns of inter-industry trade flows impact the transfer of information and economic shocks. We provide evidence that the intensity of transfers depends on industries’ positions within the economy. In particular, some industries occupy central positions in the flow of trade, serving as hubs. Consistent with a diversification effect, we(More)
Wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds number are characterized by high rates of shear at the walls. Resolving the flow near the wall, is critical to correctly reproducing the turbulence. In the present paper, we show that the accurate prediction of spatially varying wall shear stress requires additional near-wall resolution for large eddy simulation. We also(More)
In this study we examine changes in the information conveyed by individual analysts’ earnings forecasts over time, with the focus being on the changes around earnings announcements. We use the forecast-based measures Barron, Kim, Lim, and Stevens (1998) suggest for measuring the precisions of analysts’ common and private information, which are based on the(More)
We examine uniform and discretionary regimes for reporting information about firm performance from the perspective of a standard setter, in a setting where the precision of reported information is diffi cult to verify and the reported information can help coordinate decisions by users of the information. The standard setter’s task is to choose a reporting(More)
Combining X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (X-MCD) with a transmission X-ray microscope (TXM) allows to image element-specifically magnetic domain structures with 25nm lateral resolution. Both in-plane and out-of-plane systems can be studied in applied magnetic fields. Thus field-dependent parameters, as individual nucleation fields in magnetic(More)