Paul E. Cassidy

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OBJECTIVE To assess the frequency of additional care, and parents' perceptions of quality, respectful care, in pregnancies subsequent to stillbirth. DESIGN Multi-language web-based survey. SETTING International. POPULATION A total of 2716 parents, from 40 high- and middle-income countries. METHODS Data were obtained from a broader survey of parents'(More)
Variation in stillbirth rates across high-income countries and large equity gaps within high-income countries persist. If all high-income countries achieved stillbirth rates equal to the best performing countries, 19,439 late gestation (28 weeks or more) stillbirths could have been avoided in 2015. The proportion of unexplained stillbirths is high and can(More)
When an object is held and wielded, a time-invariant quantity of the wielding dynamics is the inertia tensor Iij. Examination of Iij as a function of different locations at which a cylindrical object is grasped revealed that the off-diagonal components of Iij--the products of inertia--related most systematically to grip position. In 3 experiments, Ss(More)
he purpose of this study was to acquire, process, and analyze ventilation and peak inspiratory airflows during exercise to obtain a representative sample set of ventilation data of the general working population. A total of 13 volunteers exercised on a treadmill at three relative work rates of 40%, 60%, and 80% of their maximal aerobic capacity. Ventilation(More)
Five cases of thalassaemia minor and 11 symptomless trait carriers have been detected in four Scottish families, only one of which is known to have foreign ancestry. It is suggested that the condition is commoner than was once thought, and that the diagnosis should be considered in any patient with refractory hypochromic anaemia in which the red cells show(More)
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