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Autoguide is the name given in the UK to in-vehicle route guidance systems which are dynamic, i.e. give routeing recommendations to drivers on the basis of real-time traffic conditions. The authors outline the basic principles of the Autoguide system, describe how it is used by a driver, and give an overview of progress. Current work includes the(More)
BACKGROUND There is a pressing need for high-affinity protein binding ligands for all proteins in the human and other proteomes. Numerous groups are working to develop protein binding ligands but most approaches develop ligands using the same strategy in which a large library of structured ligands is screened against a protein target to identify a(More)
BACKGROUND There is a significant need for affinity reagents with high target affinity/specificity that can be developed rapidly and inexpensively. Existing affinity reagent development approaches, including protein mutagenesis, directed evolution, and fragment-based design utilize large libraries and/or require structural information thereby adding time(More)
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