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Temperature compensation contributes to the accuracy of biological timing by preventing circadian rhythms from running more quickly at high than at low temperatures. We previously identified quantitative trait loci (QTL) with temperature-specific effects on the circadian rhythm of leaf movement, including a QTL linked to the transcription factor FLOWERING(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide an overview of medication adherence, discuss the potential for smartphone medication adherence applications (adherence apps) to improve medication nonadherence, evaluate features of adherence apps across operating systems (OSs), and identify future opportunities and barriers facing adherence apps. PRACTICE DESCRIPTION Medication(More)
Molecular studies of bacterial virulence are enhanced by expression of recombinant DNA during infection to allow complementation of mutants and expression of reporter proteins in vivo. For highly pathogenic bacteria, such as Yersinia pestis, these studies are currently limited because deliberate introduction of antibiotic resistance is restricted to those(More)
We describe Data Science, a four-year undergraduate program in predictive analytics, machine learning, and data mining implemented at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. We present a ten-year status report detailing the program's origins, successes, and challenges. Our experience demonstrates that education and training for big data(More)
This paper discusses the learning strategies adopted in a publically available, cloud-based learning environment, Learn2Mine, which facilitates student-progress as they solve data science programming problems. The learning system has been evaluated over three consecutive terms. Learn2Mine was initially introduced in an introductory course and pilot-tested(More)
As a changing climate threatens the persistence of terrestrial and marine ecosystems by altering community composition and function, differential performance of taxa highlights the need for predictive metrics and mechanistic understanding of the factors underlying positive performance in the face of environmental disturbances. Biochemical reactions within(More)
The need for and extent of thyroid surgery for a thyroid nodule is usually primarily based on fine-needle aspiration (FNA) and frozen section diagnosis. The relative role of these modalities in 66 patients who had undergone FNA and subsequent thyroidectomy with frozen section was investigated. Cases that demonstrated discordance between FNA and frozen(More)
In many metabolomics studies, NMR spectra are divided into bins of fixed width. This spectral quanti-fication technique, known as uniform binning, is used to reduce the number of variables for pattern recognition techniques and to mitigate effects from variations in peak positions; however, shifts in peaks near the boundaries can cause dramatic quantitative(More)