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Maximum and minimum stomatal conductance, as well as stomatal size and rate of response, are known to vary widely across plant species, but the functional relationship between these static and dynamic stomatal properties is unknown. The objective of this study was to test three hypotheses: (i) operating stomatal conductance under standard conditions (g (More)
Maximum stomatal conductance to water vapour and CO2 (gwmax, gcmax, respectively), which are set at the time of leaf maturity, are determined predominantly by stomatal size (S) and density (D). In theory, many combinations of S and D yield the same gwmax and gcmax, so there is no inherent correlation between S and D, or between S, D and maximum stomatal(More)
Isohydric and anisohydric regulations of plant water status have been observed over several decades of field, glasshouse and laboratory studies, yet the functional significance and mechanism of both remain obscure. We studied the seasonal trends in plant water status and hydraulic properties in a natural stand of Eucalyptus gomphocephala through cycles of(More)
The relationships between hydraulic and photosynthetic properties in plants have been widely studied, but much less is known about how these properties are linked to water-source partitioning, the spatial and temporal separation of water sources in ecosystems. Plant water-source partitioning is often influenced by the proximity of groundwater from the(More)
This study investigated seasonal variation in the origin of water used by plants in a riparian tropical rainforest community and explored linkages between plant water source, plant xylem hydraulic conductivity and response to the onset of dry conditions. The study focused on five co-dominant canopy species, comprising three tree species (Doryphora(More)
Eucalyptus globulus Labill., a globally significant plantation species, is grown commercially in a multiple rotation framework. Second and subsequent crops of E. globulus may be established either by allowing the cut stumps to resprout (commonly referred to as coppice) or by replanting a new crop of seedlings. Currently, long-term growth data comparing(More)
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== Laser induced fluorescence (LIF) was used to measure the mean and variance of the velocity distribution of xenon ions emitted from two hollow cathode assemblies operating at low power. High-energy ions detected in plume-mode and spot-mode operation are consistent with the potential-hill model of high-energy ion production. The distributions of velocities(More)
Leaf veins supply the mesophyll with water that evaporates when stomata are open to allow CO2 uptake for photosynthesis. Theoretical analyses suggest that water is optimally distributed in the mesophyll when the lateral distance between veins (dx) is equal to the distance from these veins to the epidermis (dy), expressed as dx:dy ≈ 1. Although this theory(More)
Laser induced uorescence LIF was used to measure the mean and variance of the velocity distribution of xenon ions in the plume of the P5 Hall thruster. The data indicate an acceleration region extending several centimeters downstream of the exit plane. Significant plume divergence and spreads in velocities equivalent t o a b o u t 1 e V w ere observed.(More)