Paul Diggory

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AIMS To evaluate the efficacy of combined care between orthopaedic surgeons and geriatricians in the management of patients with fractured necks of femur. PATIENTS AND METHODS A prospective study of the admissions to a district general hospital with hip fractures was carried out over a 5-year period. In the years 1992-1994, medical problems in this(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether elderly people can learn to use the inhaler used to deliver zanamivir (Relenza Diskhaler) as effectively as the Turbohaler and to identify which aspects of inhaler technique are most problematic. DESIGN Randomised, controlled, intervention study. SETTING Wards for acute elderly care in a large district general hospital. (More)
A prospective study of inhaler technique using aerosol metered dose inhalers (MDIs), Rotahalers and a breath-activated device (Aerolin Autohaler) was undertaken to assess how effectively elderly patients use their inhalers. Fifty-one patients aged 67-89 years (mean 77.4 years) were enrolled. Peak flow, FEV1 and FVC were recorded, before and after inhalation(More)
AIM To investigate respiratory and cardiovascular side effects in elderly people in the first 12 months after commencing topical beta antagonists. METHODS 40 patients (mean age 74 years) were recruited to a randomised, masked study. Spirometry, pulse, and blood pressure were recorded before, 1 month, and 12 months after starting topical therapy with(More)
Topical therapy with beta-antagonists, such as timolol, may cause unrecognized impairment of respiratory and cardiovascular function in elderly people. Beta-antagonists with intrinsic sympathomimetic or cardioselective properties, such as carteolol or betaxolol, may cause less impairment. In a randomized, double-masked study of glaucoma patients, over 60(More)
Topical timolol given for the treatment or chronic simple glaucoma may cause unrecognised bronchospasm among elderly people. We recruited 80 patients aged over 60 years, who were without a history of airways disease and already used timolol, into a randomised crossover study comparing the effects on spirometry and exercise tolerance of changing to betaxolol(More)
Fifty-two elderly glaucomatous patients, without a history of asthma or obstructive airways disease, who were using topical timolol for control of intraocular pressure were recruited. Their topical therapy was changed to either betaxolol or pilocarpine. The change was associated with improvement in mean peak flow from 278 l/min to 328 l/min (t = 5.73, p <(More)
AIMS To see if elderly people can use the breath-activated (Easi-breathe) and dry powder (Turbohaler) inhalers as effectively as the metered-dose inhaler and Volumatic system. METHODS 102 inhaler-naive patients (aged 75-101, mean 84 years), without cognitive impairment, were randomly allocated one of Easi-breathe, Turbohaler or metered-dose inhaler and(More)