Paul Diefenbaugh

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We propose a new DVFS algorithm for enterprise systems that elevates performance as a first order control parameter and manages frequency and voltage as a function of performance requirements. We implement our algorithm on real Intel Westmere platform in Linux and demonstrate its ability to reduce the standard deviation from target performance by more than(More)
Our principal motivation is to reduce the energy consumption of display subsystems in mobile devices by introducing a <i>hybrid</i> frame buffer architecture into the platform. We observed that display contents on a screen are quite static for certain mobile workloads, such as web browsing. As a result, data reading from the display frame is much more(More)
Power consumption of the display subsytem has been a relatively less explored area compared to other components of a mobile device including computing, storage, and networking units, although the former often constitutes one of the most power-hungry portions of the system. Typical applications on a mobile device such as web browsing and text editing tend to(More)
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