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In this thesis, we investigate reliable modelling within a stochastic process algebra framework. Primarily, we consider issues of variance in stochastic process algebras as a measure of model reliability. This is in contrast to previous research in the eld which has tended to centre around mean behaviour and steady-state solutions. We present a method of(More)
With the advent of mobile computing devices and cheap location sensing systems, location information has become an important resource both for mobile and ‘desktop users’. In this paper, we describe some key concepts a scaleable ubiquitous location service should be based on. Firstly, we show how such a service can accommodate multiple location sensing(More)
The project XPRESS introduces a completely new scalable concept of an expertonic networked factory, which is composed by a co-ordinated team of specialized autonomous objects (expertons), each knowing how to do a certain process optimally. This paper looks in particular to the transport experton implementation, which is an experton responsible to carry(More)
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