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The New Institutionalism in Organizational Analysis
Long a fruitful area of scrutiny for students of organizations, the study of institutions is undergoing a renaissance in contemporary social science. This volume offers, for the first time, both
Cultural capital and school success: The impact of status-culture participation on the grades of U.S. high-school students
Ethnographers and other students of interaction have documented the impact of status factors on students' success in school. Yet survey research data consistently show the absence of family
Culture and cognition
Recent work in cognitive psychology and social cognition bears heavily on concerns of sociologists of culture. Cognitive research confirms views of culture as fragmented; clarifies the roles of
On Pierre Bourdieu
The encyclopedic efforts of Pierre Bourdieu, the prolific directeur d'etudes at L'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, are beginning to reach readers in the Anglo-Saxon world. Two of Bourdieu's most
Social Implications of the Internet
The Internet is a critically important research site for sociologists testing theories of technology diffusion and media effects, particularly because it is a medium uniquely capable of integrating
Classification in Art.
A framework is proposed to analyze the relationships between social structure, patterns of artistic consumption and production, and the ways in which artistic genres are classified. This framework