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Texts and contexts : the circulation and transmission of cuneiform texts in social space
This volume assembles scholars working on cuneiform texts from different periods, genres, and areas to examine the range of social, cultural, and historical contexts in which specific types of texts
Sumerian Literary Catalogues and the Scribal Curriculum
In recent reconstructions of the Old Babylonian Sumerian scribal curriculum it has been proposed that at the beginning of the second or advanced phase of scribal training pupils learned a group of
Memorization and the Transmission of Sumerian Literary Compositions*
  • Paul Delnero
  • History
    Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • 1 October 2012
It is widely recognized that nearly all preserved copies of Sumerian literary compositions were copied by apprentice scribes as part of their training in the Sumerian language. References to the use
Sumerian Extract Tablets and Scribal Education
  • Paul Delnero
  • History
    Journal of Cuneiform Studies
  • 1 January 2010
In recent years there has been renewed interest in scribal education in ancient Mesopotamia.1 Much of this research has focused on the earlysecond millennium, or the period known as the Old
Scholarship and Inquiry in Early Mesopotamia
Abstract Thousands of texts documenting the activities of scribes and scholars that shed light on the social context of scholarship and scientific inquiry survive from the first half of Mesopotamian
A Land with No Borders: A New Interpretation of the Babylonian “Map of the World”
Abstract The Babylonian Map of the World, which is arguably one of the most famous and frequently referenced artifacts from Ancient Mesopotamia, has almost without exception been assumed to present