Paul De Meulenaere

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To manage the complex engineering information for real-time systems, the system under development may be modelled in a high-level architecture description language. This high-level information provides a basis for deployment space exploration as it can be used to generate a low-level implementation. During this deployment mapping many platform-dependent(More)
AUTOSAR, the Automotive Open System Architecture, is growing to an accepted industrial standard for the development of automotive embedded software. The AUTOSAR design method describes a software development process starting at the architectural design up to the deployment of the developed software on embedded controllers. Since most companies already have(More)
—During the design and deployment of increasingly complex distributed embedded systems, engineers are challenged by a plethora of design choices. This often results in infeasible or sub-optimal solutions. In industry and academia, general and domain-specific optimization techniques are developed to explore the tradeoffs within these design spaces, though(More)
A designer often has to evaluate alternative designs during the development of a system. A multitude of Design-Space Exploration (DSE) techniques exist in the literature. Integration of these techniques into the modelling paradigm is needed when a model-driven engineering approach is used for designing systems. To a greater or lesser extent, the integration(More)
AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers. Its design is a direct consequence of the increasingly important role software plays in vehicles. As design choices during the software deployment phase may have a large(More)
In this paper we introduce important aspects of the recently published DASH7 Alliance Protocol v1.0 specification for wireless sensor and actuator networks. The main contribution of this paper is the discussion of the different communication schemes and the accompanying trade-offs which can be used when designing a DASH7 network. Finally, we describe two(More)