Paul Davenport

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In this paper we discuss a framework for modeling the 3D lung dynamics of normal and diseased human subjects and visualizing them using an augmented reality (AR) based environment. The framework is based on the results obtained from pulmonary function tests and lung image-data of human subjects obtained from 4D high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT).(More)
This paper describes experience in a modern district general hospital with a small desktop system for computer-aided diagnosis of acute abdominal pain, over a 12-year period involving 5512 cases. When compared with a baseline year (1973) in which unaided performance was monitored, during an initial study period (1974-76) the diagnostic accuracy of junior(More)
In this paper, we propose a physics-based and physiology-based approach for modeling real-time deformations of 3-D high-resolution polygonal lung models obtained from high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) images of normal human subjects. The physics-based deformation operator is nonsymmetric, which accounts for the heterogeneous elastic properties of(More)
A total of 1041 patients with undiagnosed dyspepsia were interviewed to determine whether they required investigation for organic disease. The interviewer, a research assistant without medical qualifications, used a standard data sheet. The information obtained was analysed by computer, and, according to the results, patients were predicted to be at high,(More)
The panel considered the different types of cough in terms of basic mechanisms and clinical manifestations; both experimentally and clinically cough could occur in single efforts and as 'bouts' or 'epochs'. There were different definitions of cough but, provided the definition used was clear, this did not seem to be a major concern. The methods available(More)
"The Victorian Department of the Treasury has responsibility for preparation of demographic forecasts for use by state government departments and agencies. This paper provides a detailed description of the projection system and models developed by Treasury to produce population and household forecasts for the state, statistical divisions and Statistical(More)
Major focus of respiratory physiology traditionally was on the tudies that investigate the anatomy and physiology of ventilation, as exchange, respiratory mechanics and the sensory-motor neual control of breathing. Studies of neural outflow to respiratory uscles and modulation of this outflow by homeostatic mechaisms that maintain blood gases has primarily(More)