Paul D. Zierath

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In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, telomeres repress transcription of genes located nearby. This region-specific gene inactivation is thought to involve the packaging of telomeric domains into silent chromatin. To gain insight into the mechanism of telomeric silencing, a genetic assay to examine the spread of silencing along the distal right arm of chromosome V(More)
Tunichlorin, a blue-green pigment isolated from the Caribbean tunicate Trididemnum solidum, has been identified as nickel(II) 2-devinyl-2-hydroxymethylpyropheophorbide a by chemical and spectroscopic methods, with confirmation by partial synthesis of dimethyl tunichlorin from chlorophyll a. Nickel chlorins have been reported from geological sources but not(More)
A general procedure, relying heavily on mass spectrometry, has been developed for assigning structures to polypeptides. In the current version, amino acids are identified by HRFkBMS, GC/MS, and GC on chiral columns, and quantitated by CC. FAB mass spectrometry assigns the peptide's molecular weight and amino acid sequence, supported sometimes by selective(More)
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