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We present a reach-extender for the upstream transmission path of 10Gb/s passive optical networks based on an optimised cascade of two semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs). Through careful optimisation of the bias current of the second stage SOA, over 19dB input dynamic range and up to 12dB compression of the output dynamic range were achieved without(More)
An improved quantum key distribution test system operating at clock rates of up to 2GHz using a specially adapted commercially-available silicon single-photon counting module is presented. The use of an enhanced detector has improved the fiber-based quantum key distribution test system performance in terms of transmission distance and quantum bit error rate.
The performance of selected, commercially available InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes operating in a photon-counting mode at an incident wavelength of 1.55 microm is described. A discussion on the optimum operating conditions and their relationship to the electric field distribution within the device is presented.
We present the first demonstration of quantum key distribution (QKD) on a multi-user wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (WDM-PON) with simultaneous, bidirectional 10Gb/s classical channel transmission. The C-Band QKD system operates at a clock rate of 10GHz and employs differential phase shift keying (DPSK). A dual feeder fiber and band(More)
The refractive-index modulation generated in optical fibers by electrostriction-induced acoustic waves is investigated directly by a pump-probe measurement technique in a 1-km-long fiber Sagnac-loop interferometer. Pump pulses propagating unidirectionally around the loop generate transverse acoustic waves that produce a time-dependent relative phase shift(More)